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Company Formation and Secretary Services

Get ready to launch your business with Waycorp. Whether you are a small, start-up business or a mide-level conglomerate, we can help you in New South Wales and across Australia.

I Want to Register a Business, What do I Need?

When setting up and subsequently running a business, it’s important from the very start to get the right structure for your needs. There are always different circumstances when it comes to business. Whether your business has partners, if you intend on funding the business and distributing the profits, if you intend to employ staff or if there are any industry and regulatory requirements.

The most common forms of business are:

  • Sole Trader: a single operator with a registered business name and ABN.
  • A Partnership: where two or more people carry on a business under a registered business name and ABN.
  • Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd): a company with one or more directors, limited by shares, who share capital made up of shares. Each member is a “shareholder” on incorporation and no more than 50 non-employee shareholders and members are liable, only to the extent of any unpaid amounts on their shares. This means that their personal assets are not at risk in the event of the company being wound up.

What Types of Company’s are there?

There are other types of companies for more advanced and complex situations. Depending on your circumstances, you may consider forming these from the beginning, or later as your business grows. Other types of companies include:

  • Trust Company: to act as a corporate trustee of a trust.
  • Unlisted Public Company: where you intend on listing the company on the Australia Stock Exchange.
  • Home Unit Company: a type of proprietary limited (Pty Ltd) company whose sole purpose is to exist as a body corporate to administer property.
  • Not for Profit Company: where the company’s purpose sole purpose is charity.
  • Offshore Company: which is registered in a country outside Australia where you may be conducting business.

Waycorp can also arrange for business and company registrations, both here in Australia and overseas in New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, USA and UK. Business and company formations here in Australia take between 1 to 2 hours. Overseas company formations may take between 2 to 4 days. We can also attend to registering your business or company for GST here in Australia, so you can be assured of a full service.

How do I Maintain my Business?

There are things that you have to do to maintain your business or company. Both here in Australia and overseas, you need to keep your business or your company in ‘good standing’ which means ensuring you do things such as:

  • Renew your business name registration when it falls due
  • Lodge an annual statement each year with ASIC for all Australian companies
  • Lodge an annual statement or return each year with overseas regulatory authorities for any overseas company you may have
  • Pay your company annual fees when they are due
  • Understand and comply with good corporate governance laws and practices in both Australia and overseas jurisdictions

Waycorp can also help you in maintaining your business or company. We have provided Company Secretary services directly here in Australia and in New Zealand, as well as indirectly servicing our network of overseas Registered Agents in Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, in all states and territories of the USA, UK and the EU.

What Does it Maintaining and Registering Cost?

Indicative fees to maintain a business and register properly within Australia are as follows:

  • Business registration costs are $99 inc GST for 1 year, including ASIC fee of $37.00. This is payable every year. Alternatively, there is a 3 year option for $299 inc GST including ASIC fee.
  • Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company registration cost is $660 inc GST, including ASIC fee of $512.
  • Company Annual Return $399 inc GST, including ASIC fee of $267.
  • Standard small Company Secretarial Services is $199 inc GST per year, billed in advance.

Company formation and secretarial services for overseas countries vary, depending on the country, state, corporate structure and other support required. Please feel free to contact the team here at Waycorp with any questions.

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