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“To ensure business success, you must be strategic and lay the right financial foundations from the start.”

For everything bookkeeping and accounting for individuals and businesses in NSW, call Waycorp today.

What are Strategic Bookkeeping and Strategic Accounting?

As strategic bookkeepers and accountants, the team here at Waycorp can predict how your business is going to look in the near future and the distant future. We can give you specific advice on how to help you in the present, not only to reach your business goals but to reach your personal goals as well.

We pride ourselves on being proactive accountants, meaning we don’t wait for you to call us with a question or a problem. We are always out there proactively looking for ways to improve your financial journey, your happiness in business and your business itself.

What is Cloud-Based Bookkeeping and Accounting?

Why are cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting great for every business? Here at Waycorp, we use cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting, making the chore of looking after your books, business and tax as easy and seamless as possible. The cloud-based system gives you and your support team the ability to do this from anywhere! Don’t worry, we will show you how.

We use and support a wide range of cloud-based accounting as well as cloud-based payroll, CRM and file management software. We support companies and apps such as Xero, MYOB, Intuit and Microsoft, which have watertight security and data backup features, always saving you time and money.

Cloud-based accounting reduces paperwork, makes sharing and collaboration easy, gives you better control of your financial processes, is more sustainable for the environment and, it is both cost and time-effective. Why wouldn’t you make the change?

What is the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting?

The difference between bookkeeping and accounting is just the frequency! Your bookkeeper is working for you on daily tasks, such as matching payments from clients, recording payments to suppliers, paying employees, reconciling bank accounts and keeping your paperwork in order. Bookkeeping is keeping your books in order.

An accountant takes care of the bigger tasks that normally occur monthly, quarterly and yearly. They prepare things like Profit & Loss margins, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow, BAS, tax reports and other senior financial management tasks and regulatory compliance. Your accountant can also help in preparing business plans, providing general business advice and providing tax advice.

The professional team here at Waycorp is always here to help you in anything and everything bookkeeping, accounting and anything else your business may need help and support aid with. Feel free to call us on 1300 323 410 or send us an email for a free chat about your bookkeeping needs.

Let us Remove the Confusion Around Payroll

The team here at Waycorp specialises in processing and managing ‘micro-payrolls’. This is a payroll of 1 to 30 employees. At times, doing payroll for 2 to 3 people is as time-consuming as 20 to 30 people and staying on top of industry awards, super, compliance and schedules are costly to any business. Outsourcing payroll from Waycorp frees up your time and gives you access to a whole team of experts keeping you up to date with award rates, superannuation and compliance, so you can focus on other things.

How to Switch Bookkeepers or Accountants?

Making the switch to a better bookkeeper and accounting team is easy! Here at Waycorp, we can manage the switch for you and make sure that all of your information, records, documentation and notes are seamlessly transferred across to us. Switching accountants is actually a very simple and easy task.

Here’s what we will organise:

  • Write to your previous accountant and advise that you are changing accountant. This is often referred to as an ‘ethical clearance letter’.
  • Request copies of all your financial records including prior tax returns, any financial statements and entity documentation.
  • Organise for your ASIC and ATO records to be transferred electronically.

Choose Waycorp for an accounting team that will take care of you, every step of the way.

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